Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why dont update?

Hi all! 

You now see, our game dont update. We have little problems with our techics.

But now this problem fixed ^^. In next two-three days you will see a new version 1.1.9. 
Now computer restored and we restore our engine. 
Things what we fix now:
1.Uppercot in air for air combo attacks. Direction of character fast changed to right and left when he jumped.
2.Ads on arena. We off ads on arena (some peoples dont like when dont see lifebar with chakra). But if we want back to menu, ads dont work. In next launch ads work...after back to menu again dont work.
3.We did a load-save system. When new character is opened and game closed in next launch we must play again 10 times for open him... -.- so bored
4. Fix the combination \/,A,B (for new ninjutsu) and test new button Y. Yep like on XBOX.

Your Vi Bess.
Fantasy World.
From little dream, to a great game!

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