Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fresh news about development!

Hi dear players!

I am a MurdererOfSilence, lead programmer of NaruFight.
Our little company so long don't write a news. We too busy now, now in GPlay we have a competitor who use our ideas in him project with same name "NaruFight".

And now we open a secret gates ^^. I want to present you a AnimaFight : FairyTail!
And what we now made you can see in video:

All what you see, it's a developer version with some bugs. New things in this version will be in NaruFight. It's game will be added to GPlay together with update of NaruFight. 
Training it's not all. In NaruFight we now develope a missions mode, and when it will be ready (first 5 missions) we add this games to GPlay.

Stay Tuned!
Studio Kuroshiro


  1. When is the release date of narufight in GPlay ? This is the best game for android ever...

  2. Replies
    1. Just survive all round 5 times and sakura will open^^

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  4. Why do you think it is a copier?? The game playing contents arent private...only the code and the characters,music....(and if you could think not my game)

  5. When is the realase date ?

  6. 1. In aminafight fairu tail can we more people plz like jellal gajeel macoa elfman and all the others 2. Are you making a dbz fight ir yu yu hakusho fight would be awesome