Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sad news about our game...

Hi all! My nick is MurdererOfSilence. I programmer of "NaruFight". I want say bad news about this game. "NaruFight" was deleted from Google Play and our developer account has been terminated. Google Play block our game 2 times when we name it "Naruto: The Fight". But we RENAME IT! Why GPlay dont block ugly game with name "Naruto Game"? Now we dont stop the trying. We send appeals to Google Support. And you please help us. 

Please send email to googleplay-developer-support@google.com with text:
Bring back company "Fantasy World" and app "NaruFight" to Google Play! 

I believe in your help. Together we can all!

Your MurdererOfSilence.
Fantasy World.
From little dream, to a great game!


  1. heey why don't you just post the .apk file so we can download it again ^^

  2. Hi Anonymous! We so sorry, but we cant release a new version on this site. Yes, we made a version 1.2 but we must made official release for little chance of copying our game. Now we send two times appeals to GSupport. And you help to us.
    Fantasy World.

  3. version1.2 aint working for me