Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We in work! [updated]

Hi all!
Already on the way to upgrade to 1.2, and we would like to show what is already done.

The code has been rewritten from zero to our programmer. And he put this code like a 30 (!) pages of text. And as you can see, not in vain. Our AI very harder than we think.
Now we on finish steps... We add old and new characters, add a screens "You lose" and "You win!", made a combo numbers on screen and darker screen when you use a special. And add stick for moving.

Now controls reorganized for easy playing:
A - Attack
B - Block
X - Special (Like rassen-shuriken).
Y - Jump (When you move its better).
All buttons have combinations lika A+^ for uppercot or when you kicked you can tap ^ for fast stand.

UPD. 11.08.13

Work never stops!
Some improvements may be changed in final version. Don't worry, just effects and coordinates of User Interface like place of combo^^.

UPD. 13.08.13
New composition from Murderer Of Silence in About. Just relax music...

Stay tuned!
Stduio Kuroshiro
From little dream, to a great game!