Friday, April 4, 2014

First news about new project.

Hi dear players!

How we say, we will made new project and may be new engine for AFGs from us^^. Now first what we want to show you it's a new combo system:

Old system

New system:

First you can see this is a 3 style of normal combo hits, and now you can made a moves like you want.
Second, we add a air 3x combo system, enemy will be sad after it^^.
Third, we add a new combo engine for console style moves, just read a part with special moves^^.
And this is not all, after release we add a awakening mode (when lifes <25%)!

If you have ideas about special moves, write it to us here, and may be your name will be in about in part Special thanks to...)

General Director
Studio Kuroshiro
From little dream, to a great game!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Good news!

Hi dear players!

How you can see, we delete a AnimeFight: Naruto Edition from Google Play. We sorry about it. And we have some words:
1. App now available only on iOS AppStore.
2. We have a concurent who copy our idea and use our resources. We just don't want to be on Google Play with him. He steal our users and use our popularity for promotion of him app.

Please don't be sad (stupid words^^), Naruto will be soon again. New update? Sorry, but no. Naruto will be back to Google Play with new project.

We don't can say about this project, but this is will be a game about gay with and white sword ^^.

If you know about him, please write your answer from today to 15.04.2014 to us

Answers must don't be writed here or will be deleted.

First twenty peoples who can name our next project will got a developer* (stable) APK for a week faster then game will be released on AppStore and Google Play. Names of winners will be writed here.

*Developer APK include 2 characters and 2 arenas, don't have ads. In version for release will be a 6 playable characters.

What will be in game:

1. HD Graphics.
2. Supporting of tablets.
3. New easy combo system with 8-directional stick for moving.
4. New incredible design.
5. Supporting of gamepads like PS3 (dualshock3) or XBOX360 (wired by usb hub).
6. Remaded lifebars for console style.

When will be released a our project we will made updates for Fairytail and Naruto.

Stay tuned!

General Director
Studio KuroShiro.

From little dream, to a great game!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We now on AppStore!

Hi dear members!
We sorry about silence on this site. But soon we fix this problem ;)
And now we can celebrate one happy moment for us, and may be for users of iOS (like MurdererOfSilence ;D). Yesterday Apple approve our app AnimeFight: Naruto Edition and we NOW IN APPSTORE!

All apps include new versions, like GPlay.

All apps absolutely free and you can download and play it!

Stay Tuned)

From little dream, to a great game!
Studio Kuroshiro.