Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meet a new site! And something new ^^)

Hi dear players!
Nice to meet you on our little site. And first what i want to say, this is a NEW DESIGN OF SITE! Now you can see new name of site "AnimeFight". Yep, it is a name of games about anime and manga, for one manga or anime we will made a one game. So, i hope design not bad than i think. If you like it please write a comment.

And now...
We made a new game AnimeFight:FairyTail Edition!
And thus game now in Google Play!

And now you all can download and play it. We add in this game too many new things from development version of NaruFight. And we hope you will like this game like NaruFight^^)

Game you can download here: Download from Google Play

Soon we add a NaruFight v.1.2.3 with new things, new arena, new character with training bot and missions mode with star ratings!

UPD 01.11.13

Our app approved to App Store! And now AnimeFight: FairyTail Edition can be played and used on iOS for FREE!

Now you can download game here and play absolutely free like on Android:

Stay Tuned!

From little dream, to a great game!
Studio Kuroshiro.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fresh news about development!

Hi dear players!

I am a MurdererOfSilence, lead programmer of NaruFight.
Our little company so long don't write a news. We too busy now, now in GPlay we have a competitor who use our ideas in him project with same name "NaruFight".

And now we open a secret gates ^^. I want to present you a AnimaFight : FairyTail!
And what we now made you can see in video:

All what you see, it's a developer version with some bugs. New things in this version will be in NaruFight. It's game will be added to GPlay together with update of NaruFight. 
Training it's not all. In NaruFight we now develope a missions mode, and when it will be ready (first 5 missions) we add this games to GPlay.

Stay Tuned!
Studio Kuroshiro