Friday, July 19, 2013

Major changes in game. And please help.

Hi players!

Nice to meet you on our site. I'm a Murderer Of Silence. General director and lead programmer of Studio Kuroshiro.
You know we has can again download our app to GPlay. But it's not all. Now our app in Samsung Apps with over than 7000 downloads per week, today we add this to Yandex.Store (ugly russian market).
I know, you all wait update from us. Yep, we will made it. We has change in game design in v.1.1.99, but now i rewrite a programm code, from zero.
Version 1.2 will not change in design, but gameplay will be changed. Many moves and animations will be smoother than now, i will add special effects and dark screen when you will use a special moves. And i add a very very fery pery hard artifical intelligence. I can't win him xD, and i just can't stand when he beating me...

Your waiting is over soon. Please don't delete app and if you want to help us please tap on ads 5 times per day (this is free, you nothing lose, but we get just 10 cents).
And you can use a button for donate on site.We hope in your help.

p.s. We just want a buy notebook for developing everywhere, but his price 1000$ in our country (its good notebook ^^). We spend like 5000$ for developing. It's money fully ours. Please help to us.

Murderer Of Silence
Studio Kuroshiro
From little dream, to a great game!


  1. In 1.2 uodate will kakashi fight bavk on the huawei premia

  2. In version 1.2 make saskue strong attack a little easier.. ultimate ninjutsu animation

  3. Awesome...gud job

    1. I need a strong attack from naruto...

    2. Yep it will be, our programmer reorganize control in next engine. In next version you can made strong attack when tap A+B (attack+block).

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