Thursday, April 25, 2013

Redesign of new version NaruFight!

Hi all!
All you wait new version NaruFight. Yep, now work in progress. We redesign our game for japan style. And this is FINAL design. Now what we redesign:
1. Splash screen. From white background with black text to
2.Menu. We move all selections to new places
3.New combotutorials. Pages with new design (picture in HD)

We will use new improvements and soon you see new version!
p.s.All design is ours.

Stay tuned!

Your ViBess.
Fantasy World.
From little dream, to a great game!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I want to ask if you guys are gonna make a more high detailed version of this game from what it is now it's really nice I like it you can upgrade the controls and put way more characters from the anime in it as well maybe ones they never put in games to this would be an amazing game if worked on more I thank you for making it