Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our plans to the future...and exsclusive!

Hi all!

You all know we made a game about "Naruto". But how another anime? Yep, will be and another anime games. This is first alpha screen from game "Bleach The Fight". This game made on v.1.1.9 our engine. Yes, THE FIGHT its our brand. And we show!

This game maded 40%.
In next our plans we want made:
FairyTail The Fight
One Piece The Fight
and this is not all.

Dont forget! More good comments, more good games! In our company just two creators. It is not easy. And we dont stop trying. We dont made it for us or for money, WE MADE IT FOR YOU.

Yours Vi Bess and MurdererOfSilence
Fantasy World.


  1. Would it not be better if you first finish naruto the fight????

  2. Yep we finish it. With every update Naruto we update engine for Bleach. Our engine like a M.U.G.E.N. but maded from zero. And just need replace old content from Naruto to new from Bleach))) plus little scripting for cosmetic^^