Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Artifical Intelligence from v.1.2!

Hi Android players! First what we want say, its very BIG Thank you for your understanding and your support in your comments. Two weeks our programmer (MurdererOfSilence) lesson AI scripting and now he made a stupid, but fast beat version of AI. We made it faster than want. And we show!
Its AI works on ALL characters, may be we add new enemy^^.
Now we fix little problems:
1.Combo numbers on screen.
2.New ninjutsu for Sakura (who play knows its a unblockable character).
3.Block control when enemy beat you.
4.Life balance.
5.Damage points.
We release new version in next two-three days. 


Your ViBess.
Fantasy World.
From little dream, to a great game!

*Sorry for English.
With new version our engine we update Bleach...and soon release it!

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