Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fenix is born...

Hi all! Our company so long dont write here new posts, so many time we has been in blacklist of Google Play. In this post dont be a colorful pictures or videos, just a post, not more. Three times we buy a account, but our money dont works. Two months we talk with Namco Bandai and Viz Media (they have rights on trademark "Naruto"), we try to buy account Google Play but our company just see black line on this project. But we must and we talk to you all "we dont close this project" (like Naruto "I want be hokage"). Yep, we freeze this project, just dont develop and try to get account and we can now see white line. And in one day we can...

In next two hours...today 02.07.2013...pre-release version 1.1.99 (Nothing new, like a v.1.1.9) of v.1.2 will be added in GPlay and you will can search "NaruFight" in GPlay and download it! It is not just words.

And dont forget
From little dream, to a great game. (MurdererOfSilence)

Your ViBess (lead designer), MurdererOfSilence (programmer and general director), BuVan (tester) and Alex (new designer).
Studio Kuroshiro (ex.FantasyWorld).

p.s.In this month we will start update maraphon, be ready with your devices.

*KuroShiro (黒、白 -jap.) - black-white

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